50 Worthwhile Activities To Try In Your Lucid Dreams

Lucid dreaming, the state of being conscious during dreams, opens up a vast realm of possibilities. Imagine a world where the constraints of reality no longer apply, where your deepest desires and wildest imaginations come to life.

With lucidity in your grasp, you have the power to shape your own dream world and partake in extraordinary adventures that transcend the usual limits of waking life.

In the upcoming list, we’ll explore 50 intriguing things you can try during a lucid dream. What will you try next?

Try visiting another planet in your lucid dreams.

  1. Fly like a superhero – Flying is a common theme in dreams. And, this is what most of us do when we have our first lucid dream. You can feel the wind run through your hair as you soar through the sky, whether you’re using your own wings or powered by some other form of propulsion.
  2. Dive underwater – Go on an underwater adventure and explore breathtaking coral reefs, sunken ships, sea monsters, and more! Bonus: You don’t even need a breathing mask.
  3. Visit other planets – Explore strange new worlds and seek out alien life forms. Try to learn names for other planets and explore how life has made the planets their home.
  4. Conquer your fears – Face up to the things that scare you in a safe, dream-space environment. You will find that the more you do this in a lucid dream, the less your fear will hold on to you in your waking life.
  5. Practice your skills – Take advantage of this suspended reality to practice any skill without the risk of failure or embarrassment. Research has shown that doing this can improve your skills in your waking life.
  6. Ride a magical creature – Hitch a ride on a dragon, griffin, or some other fantastic beast.
  7. Create your dream house – Design the perfect abode from scratch and explore every nook and cranny of it. As you explore various homes in lucid dreams, you may get some ideas for your home in your waking life.
  8. Visit historic places – Check out historic landmarks and experience them in a way most people will never experience them in. For instance, climb the walls and look in rooms that are closed off to the public.
  9. Be invisible – Play hide-and-seek and observe the world from an unseen point of view. Listen to conversations and observe people without fear of being seen.
  10. Simulate a high-stakes situation – Try out different strategies and tactics in a controlled, risk-free environment.
  11. Practice a new language – Talk about the ultimate skill! Lucid dreaming is said to be an effective way to master foreign languages! Practice what you’ve learned in your waking life in your lucid dreams. You may want to visit the country where the language is spoken and have conversations with people there.
  12. Talk with your subconscious – Have a friendly chat with this hidden part of yourself and learn more about the inner workings of your mind. Give your subconscious a character (person, pet, spirit, etc.) and ask it what it wants you to know.
  13. Go on a wild safari – Glimpse exotic animals in their natural habitats and interact with them directly.
  14. Witness an epic battle – Take full control of the outcome as you watch a spectacular clash between two armies or powerful forces.
  15. Play extreme sports – Experience the rush of an extreme sport without any of the potential injuries or risks.
  16. Fly into outer space – Soar through galaxies and explore distant star systems.
  17. Meet famous people – Interact with celebrities or other inspirational figures from history and learn from them directly.
  18. Summon a monster – Put your lucid dreaming skills to the test and see if you can successfully conjure up a fearsome creature from another world.
  19. Create art – Draw, paint, sculpt, write, or make music in a dreamscape of your own design!
  20. Participate in an adventure race – Take part in a thrilling race against time and other opponents.
  21. Cast spells – Dabble in the magical arts and see what you can learn from this ancient practice.
  22. Visit mythical realms – Transport yourself to an enchanted kingdom or go on a quest for legendary treasures!
  23. Create your own movie– Write a script, cast actors, direct, and star in your own movie.
  24. Bring things to life – Create physical objects out of thin air or animate other objects with a simple wave of your hand!
  25. Design a theme park – Use the power of your imagination to create an amusement park that will have visitors coming back for more.
  26. Play virtual reality games – Enjoy intense battles or immersive puzzle-solving experiences without needing any expensive equipment.
  27. Summon a dream companion – Ask the dream realm to provide you with a companion for your journey! This can be ideal if you are going somewhere where you will want to talk out an issue or need guidance.
  28. Make time stand still – Take control of the passing of time and explore the space freely without worrying about the clock ticking by.
  29. Manipulate reality – Change objects, people, and landscapes around you in whatever way that you desire!
  30. Revisit childhood memories – Relive moments from your past and explore them in a new way. Change up the story. Change the outcome. See how things would have been if they had worked out differently.
  31. Go back in time – Venture into the past to witness an event or meet a historical figure.
  32. Enjoy magical food and drinks – Satisfy your adventurous palate by tasting all kinds of tasty treats from the dream world! And make up new ones.
  33. Fly over landscapes – Cruise through the sky and take in breathtaking sights that you’ve never seen before from an angle that most people will never see.
  34. Climb mountains – Scale the highest peaks and be rewarded with a stunning view.
  35. Explore caves – Go spelunking and who knows what you may find down there!
  36. Try on a new job – Do a test run as an astronaut, firefighter, or another profession that you may have never had the chance to do before.
  37. Talk to an old friend – Avoid the awkwardness in your waking life and use a lucid dream to catch up with an old friend and have conversations you want to have.
  38. Attend a dream lecture – Participate in a thought-provoking discussion with your dream’s version of an esteemed professor.
  39. Go into your favorite movie and become a character – Enter a film and explore the world as if you were one of the characters.
  40. Visit an alternate reality – Go to a place similar but different from your own world and explore its different customs. Test out how your life would be in an alternate reality.
  41. Experiment with the laws of physics in a lucid dream – Try out some weird and wonderful experiments to see what happens when you break the laws of nature.
  42. Plant a dream garden – Create a beautiful landscape full of flowers, trees, and other plants that will last for as long as you want. Bonus: You can come back to this garden in future lucid dreams to meditate or meet other people.
  43. Get intimate with random people – Create a virtual lover and have an intimate experience with them in your lucid dreams. Or get intimate with people from your waking life that you would never approach outside of a lucid dream.
  44. Invent something – Come up with a new invention and see if it works in the lucid dream world.
  45. Visit your favorite place – Relive your favorite memory and explore the place that you hold dear.
  46. Take part in a positive habit – Practice creating a new habit in your lucid dream that you would like to carry over into your waking life.
  47. Talk to a deceased loved one – Have a conversation with someone you’ve lost in your waking life and get closure.
  48. Talk to animals – Have a conversation with animals in your lucid dream to gain insight into their world.
  49. Visit past lives – Explore the lives you have lived in the past to gain wisdom and understanding.
  50. Meditate – This may sound boring because you can meditate in your waking life. But in lucid dreams, meditation takes on a whole new level. First, you can hone in on your skill of meditation. Second, you can meditate anywhere you want in the world. Lastly, while your mind is quiet, you can observe what happens in your lucid dream space without a lot of direction – and very important people or scenarios may pop up.

No matter what you choose to try doing in your lucid dream, it can be an incredible adventure that will stay with you long after waking up. With these 50 ideas for things to do in a lucid dream, let your imagination take control and create something truly unique! Enjoy the ride!

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