17 Extremely Common Dream Symbols And What They Could Mean

Sometimes dreams are often bizarre, leaving us to wonder what on earth could they possibly mean. While some dreams seem to make no sense at all, it’s very important to pay attention to the symbols in the dreams. Symbols are often a key part of dreams, with each one carrying its own specific meaning. Here are some common dream symbols and what they might mean.

common dream symbols

1. Water

One of the most common dream symbols is water.

Water typically symbolizes emotions, so the meaning behind it will depend on how the water is being used or portrayed in the dream.

For example, calm water might represent serenity and peace, while choppy water might represent anxiety or emotional turmoil.

Swimming in water, which is common in dreams, is often symbolic of cleansing or purification. It may represent the dreamer’s desire to wash away their sins or cleanse themselves of negativity.

Alternatively, swimming in deep water may symbolize the dreamer’s feelings of being overwhelmed or submerged in their emotions.

Similarly, the color of the water can also provide additional meaning. Clear blue water might symbolize clarity or understanding, while muddy water might symbolize confusion or feelings of being overwhelmed.

2. Fire

Another common dream symbol is fire. Fire typically symbolizes passion, rage, or intensity.

The meaning will again depend on how the fire is being used in the dream; for example, a raging bonfire might symbolize uncontrolled anger, while a warm fireplace might represent comfort or security.

As with water, the color of fire can also provide additional meaning. Yellow flames might represent happiness or optimism, while red flames might represent danger or betrayal.

3. Animals

Animals also frequently appear in dreams, and they can symbolize a wide range of things.

For example, a cuddly kitten might represent innocence or vulnerability, while a menacing alligator might symbolize danger or aggression.

Again, the specific meaning will depend on the context of the dream and the animal itself.

If you are being attacked by an animal, it could mean something different when you are being attacked by a bird as opposed to a bear!

4. Birds

Yes, birds are animals, but they are also their own unique brand of special. And birds are another common dream symbol.

Birds can represent a wide range of things depending on the type of bird. For example, doves often symbolize peace or love, while ravens might symbolize death or ill-omen.

Often, birds are symbolic of freedom and independence.

They can also represent messages from the spiritual realm or guidance from a higher power.

Different bird species can symbolize different things, for example:

  • Hawks represent strength and power
  • Ravens represent change and transformation
  • Swallows represent new beginnings
  • Blackbirds can symbolize aggression and territorial behavior

5. Flowers

Flowers are often associated with beauty, but they can also symbolize a wide range of other things depending on the type of flower.

For example, roses often symbolize love or appreciation, while their thorns might symbolize danger or betrayal.

Lilies often symbolize innocence and purity.

Flower symbols can be very personal. We tend to associate different flowers with different emotions.

For instance, if red roses remind you of your affection from your mom, then that would be the symbol behind dreaming of red roses.

6. Trees

Like flowers, trees can symbolize a wide range of things depending on the type of tree.

For example, evergreen trees often symbolize strength or resilience, while leafless trees might symbolize sadness or grief.

Again, if a tree has a certain meaning to you, then that’s it’s symbol. For instance, if your favorite relaxing getaway is surrounded by trees, then they would like symbolize peace and relaxation.

7. The Sun

The sun is often seen as a symbol of life, growth, and prosperity. However, it can also symbolize other things depending on the context of the dream. For example, a blinding sun might represent overwhelming challenges or obstacles, while a setting sun might represent the end of something.

8. The Moon

The moon is often seen as a symbol of mystery, femininity, or intuition. However, it can also take on negative connotations, such as insanity or madness.

Take into account how you view the moon (folklore included) when deciding what it symbolizes to you.

9. Stars

Dreaming about stars is often seen as a symbol of hope, guidance, or inspiration. However, stars can also symbolize other things depending on the context of the dream.

For example, a star falling from the sky might represent a major life change or setback.

10. Clouds

Clouds are often seen as symbols of hope, guidance, or inspiration.

They can also mask things you want to see, indicating a sense of the unknown or not knowing what to do next.

11. Work

It’s very common to dream about the place where you work. Because work is such a big part of most people’s lives, a lot of dreaming situations tend to take place there. But dreaming about work itself often symbolizes something in your life.

For example, if you dream about being late for work, it might represent your fear of failure or not living up to expectations.

On the other hand, if you dream about acing a big project at work, it might represent your confidence and self-assurance in your abilities.

12. School

Like work, school is another common dream setting because it’s such a big part of most people’s lives. Even schools from your past can appear in your dream.

Schools often symbolize growth and overcoming obstacles. We all had struggles in school we had to overcome whether in relationships or academically.

For example, if you dream about being back in school and taking a test that you haven’t prepared for, it might represent your anxiety or insecurity about an upcoming situation in your life.

Alternatively, if you dream about getting an A on a test, it might symbolize your confidence or pride in your abilities to overcome something and find success.

13. Home

Home is often seen as a symbol of safety, comfort, and security. It’s a place where we can relax and be ourselves.

However, home can also symbolize other things depending on the context of the dream. For example, if your home is in disarray, it might represent feelings of chaos or uncertainty in your life.

On the other hand, if your home is bright and welcoming, it might represent a stable and positive time in your life.

Your childhood home might also appear in your dreams. This could symbolize feelings of nostalgia or longing for a simpler time.

14. People

People appearing in our dreams can often symbolize aspects of our own personality that need attention. They may represent characteristics we admire, traits we aspire to embody, or qualities we feel we lack.

For instance, dreaming about a wise old man might indicate a subconscious desire for guidance, or represent our own latent wisdom waiting to be acknowledged.

Similarly, encountering a charismatic friend in a dream might reflect our yearning for self-confidence and social ease.

Dream people can also symbolize unrealized potential, echoing the facets of our personality that we’ve yet to fully explore or embrace.

15. Church

Dreaming of a church or religious setting can symbolize personal growth, faith, and spiritual awareness. This could be an indication that our subconscious is calling us to strengthen our connection with a higher power or develop a more meaningful relationship with the divine.

Alternatively, dreaming of a church may allude to feelings of guilt or shame related to certain beliefs and values we feel are not being honored or respected in the waking world.

16. Color

The colors we see in our dreams often carry symbolic meaning. For instance, yellow might represent optimism and creativity while red could reflect passion and intensity.

Likewise, blue can signify wisdom and trustworthiness while green may signify healing energy and stability.

Pay attention to the shades you observe in your dream and how they make you feel. This could be a sign from your subconscious that it is time to tap into inner resources or seek guidance in specific areas of your life.

17. Numbers

Numbers can appear in a variety of ways in dreams, from the time on a clock to license plates and phone numbers.

When we interpret these symbols, it is important to remember that each number carries its own distinct resonance. For instance, the number one may suggest starting something new while two could signify partnership or balance.

If you see repeated numbers in your dream such as 11:11 or 333 this could be an indication that you are being called upon to recognize potential opportunities for personal growth.

No matter what type of numbers appear in your dreamscapes, take some time to reflect on their meaning and how they might relate to current issues in your life. This can help you gain clarity around the message behind them.

Dream Symbols Are Personal To You

There are endless possibilities when it comes to dream symbolism. These are just a few examples of some common symbols and what they might mean.

Write down these common dream symbols and decide what they mean to you. Write down the first word that comes to mind – happiness, loneliness, freedom, etc.

When interpreting your dreams, consider not only the symbols present but also their colors, placement, and overall context within the dream itself. With a little bit of digging, you might be surprised at what your dreams are really trying to tell you!

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