8 Reasons You Would Dream About A Deceased Pet

It’s not uncommon to dream about a deceased pet, especially soon after they have passed away. Pets are like family, but there are usually no negative emotions between you and your pet, which makes them closer than family in many situations. They are who we are with day in and day out. We take care of them, and they make us feel good without judging us or trying to make us be someone different.

It’s no wonder losing a pet is a traumatic experience for most people. Deceased pets can weigh heavily on your thoughts and heart for a long time afterward. Dreaming about a pet who has passed on is very common and there are a few different reasons for it.

8 Reasons You’re Dreaming About Your Pet Who Has Passed On

8 Reasons You Would Dream About A Deceased Pet

1. You Are Grieving Their Loss And They Are On Your Mind A Lot

Dreams can be a way for our subconscious to process the things that are weighing on our minds during the day. Having a pet with you consistently and then losing them is a traumatic experience that can cause a lot of grief. So, it’s not surprising that many people report dreaming about their deceased pets, especially soon after they’ve died.

Dreams about our deceased pets can be a way for us to work through our grief, allowing us to deal with what happened and say goodbye in a safe and symbolic way.

2. You Feel Guilty About Something Related To Their Death

Even though we do our best to take care of our pets, there are some choices that we regret and some things we wish we would have done for them.

This guilt is highlighted when they pass on.

Dreams about pets that have passed away are often symbolic of unresolved guilt. If you feel guilty about something related to their death, such as not spending enough time with them or not taking care of them in a certain way, then this guilt can manifest in your dreams.

3. You Are Worried About Taking Care Of Another Pet

In some cases, we will dream about our deceased pets because we may be worried about another pet that is still alive. We may worry that we are not giving them the attention they deserve, or that we will not be able to care for them in the future.

This fear often manifests in the dream as not being good at taking care of the deceased pet. In the dream, we may forget to feed them or put out water or let them in the house after going to the bathroom.

Sometimes, in the dream, we may forget about them altogether for days or weeks and suddenly realize how neglectful we’ve been.

These dreams are based on our fears and guilt about our ability to take care of another pet properly.

4. You Miss Their Companionship And The Routine They Brought To Your Life

Dreaming about a deceased pet may represent the companionship, unconditional love, or a sense of routine you felt with them. Perhaps you miss all those things from them or you feel like you are not getting them in your life at the moment.

For instance, a friend of mine dreamt about her beloved cat 20 years after he had passed away. He was always by her side as she grew up, and she realized that her dream was telling her that she needed that type of companionship again in her life.

5. You Are Worried About An Upcoming Pet Surgery Or Visit

It’s natural to feel anxious when pets are ill or facing surgery, and it can bring about memories of past pets and how they passed on.

Dreams about pets that have passed away may be a way of coping with these fears.  In this case, you may dream about them going through their final days again, or you may dream about them taking a turn for the worse suddenly.

You may even dream about taking care of your pet while they are sick and going through the same emotional trauma that you went through with them before they passed away.

6. You Are Experiencing Anxiety Or Stress In Your Waking Life And Your Pet Was A Source Of Comfort

In cases of anxiety or stress, it is not uncommon to dream about a pet that has passed away. This is especially true if the pet brought you a lot of comfort while it was alive.

We all crave that kind of comfort when we are going through a stressful period of our lives and dreaming about it coming from a deceased pet may be the best way to get it at the moment.

7.  You Are Exploring Your Feelings About Death

Depending on the context of your dream, you could be exploring your feelings about death.

For instance, if you are going through the death of your pet again and bringing back all those old emotions in your dream, then this could be a way of your subconscious mind sorting through what happened.

Or if you are worried about someone dying in your life, then dreaming about your pet who has passed on can be a way of working through your worries and fears around that person’s death.

Usually in the dream, you will find yourself dealing with the emotions coming in and openly exploring them.

8.  Your Subconscious Is Trying To Send You A Message About Something In Your Waking Life

A dream about a deceased pet may be symbolic of something else that is causing us distress in our lives.

For example, the pet may represent a beloved family member or friend who has died, or a cherished possession that we have lost. Usually, the message has to do with loss or fear of loss.

Examples include:

  • Fear of losing job
  • Fear of losing a relationship
  • Fear of losing a loved one

If none of the other reasons for dreaming about a deceased pet resonate with you, pay attention to your waking life and where you feel a sense of worry or dread about something that could happen. This is likely the cause of your dream.

Dreaming About A Deceased Pet Could Actually Be A Visit From Them

If you are lucid in the dream with your pet, and you are not able to control them, then you could be experiencing an actual dream with your beloved pet.

What easier way for a pet who has passed on to come to visit you than in your dreams?

If your dream feels easy and engaging and you enjoy your time with your pet, then this is a good sign that it’s a real visit from them.

There will not be struggle or fear or worry because it will not be related to your subconscious mind’s worries or fears.

It will just be a visit where you get to talk to your pet, hug them, play with them, or just sit with them in silence.

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