10 Proven Dream Recall Techniques That Everyone Can Use

If you want to learn how to dream recall, then you’re in the right place. In this article, we will discuss 10 dream recall techniques that many people use to remember their dreams. So whether you’re just starting out or have been struggling for a while, these techniques will most likely be of some help to you.

10 Dream Recall Techniques That Have Been Proven To Work

10 Dream Recall Techniques That Have Been Proven To Work

1. Set The Intention To Remember Your Dreams From This Day Forward

The most important thing to do when trying to dream recall is to have the intention to remember your dreams.

If you don’t care about remembering your dreams, or only half care, then you probably won’t remember them.

So set the intention now that dream recall is very important to you. Make your subconscious mind soak that message in so it knows that it should be helping you to remember your dreams.

Also, every night before you go to bed, make one of the last things you say this: I will remember my dreams tonight.

2. Keep A Dream Journal By Your Bed

One of the most popular dream recall techniques is to keep a dream journal by your bed so that when you wake up from a dream, you can immediately write it down.

If you don’t have a dream journal, any kind of notebook will do.

The idea is that the dream journal symbolizes you will remember your dreams. Your subconscious knows it’s there and you want to use it, so it will do what it can to help you to automatically remember to use it.

The key is just to write the dream down as soon as possible after waking up because the dream will start to fade quickly, and you don’t want to forget any details.

3. Set An Alarm For 30 Minutes Earlier Than You Normally Wake Up

This next dream recall technique may not be for everyone, but many people find it helpful.

Set an alarm for 30 minutes earlier than you normally wake up and when it goes off, stay in bed and try to remember your dreams.

Try lying in different positions as this can sometimes boost a dream memory.

Don’t try to overthink it or force a dream. Usually, by staying in a half-awake and half-asleep state, you will naturally have some memory come to you.

If you can’t remember anything, just go back to sleep. But if you do remember a dream, then write it down in your dream journal.

4. Try A Dream Recording App

There are some dream recall apps available that can be helpful in remembering your dreams.

Some of these apps will record you while you sleep so you can listen to the recording and see if you talked during any of your dreams. This can be a huge memory booster for recalling your dreams.

This can help you if you talk in your dreams, but it can also help you if you just want to quickly blurt out something that you remember in a few seconds as you turn over during the night.

5. Use Affirmations To Help You Remember Your Dreams

An affirmation is a positive statement said with the intention of helping to create the desired result.

In this case, the affirmation would be something like: I easily and effortlessly remember my dreams, or every night I have exciting and interesting dreams that I remember in great detail.

The more you say these dream affirmations, the more your subconscious will believe them and make them come true.

You can say your affirmations out loud or just to yourself, whichever you prefer.

The key is to really mean them when you say them and to say them with conviction.

6. Try A Dream Supplement

There are some dream recall supplements available that can be helpful in remembering your dreams.

Most of these supplements contain herbs like Mugwort or Calea Zacatechichi, which are said to help induce vivid dreams that are easier to remember.

Some people find dream supplements helpful, while others don’t.

It’s definitely worth trying if dream recall is something that’s important to you.

7. Try A Sleep Recording Meant To Help You With Dream Recall

There are some sleep recordings available that are specifically designed to help you remember your dreams.

These recordings typically contain affirmations and/or subliminal messages about dream recall that are played in the background while you go to sleep.

This can get annoying if you don’t like to hear a noise as you fall asleep, but if you can fall asleep to the recording, your subconscious will soak in the messages and you have a good shot at remembering your dreams when you wake up.

8. Write Something Down Every Morning

Even if you can only remember one word from your dream or one image, write it down. Being consistent with this dream recall technique is more important than what you actually write down.

The act of writing something down every morning, even if it’s just a word or two, will help to prime your brain to start remembering your dreams better.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t think what you wrote down is important, just write something down every day, and eventually, you’ll start seeing some improvements in your dream recall.

9. Work On Improving Your Memory

Take a course or read a book for improving your memory.

The better your memory is, the more likely you are to remember your dreams.

There are some great books and courses available on memory improvement, so definitely check some of them out if dream recall is something that’s important to you.

10. Try A Course Focused on Dreams

The more you make dreams a priority in your waking life, the more you will be able to remember and work with them.

There are some great courses focused on dreams available that can help you to improve your dream recall and learn more about working with dreams.

Check out a few dream recall courses and see if any of them resonate with you. For example, the World of Lucid Dreaming Acadamy or Experience Lucid Dreaming.

Dream recall is a skill that definitely takes some practice, but it’s definitely possible to improve your dream recall with the right techniques. Just keep at it and eventually, you’ll start seeing some progress.

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