6 Goals For Lucid Dreaming This Year

Whether you have never had a lucid dream, or you have many of them every month, you can always improve. Goals for lucid dreaming can be as personal as you want because you are the only one actively pursuing them and they only affect you. What will your goals for lucid dreaming be this year? Here are 6 things you might want to try on for size.

6 Goals To Create Around Lucid Dreaming This Year

1. Having More Lucid Dreams

Obviously, this is a huge goal for lucid dreaming and very quantifiable. You can easily try to increase by a few nights per month.

Most of us would like to have anywhere from 15 -30 lucid dreams per month. But if you are starting from 0 lucid dreams or a couple of lucid dreams a month, you may want to think smaller.

How many lucid dreams would you like to have each month? Write it down and post it somewhere where you can reflect on your goal.

I’m willing to bet that just the intention of being able to lucid dream more will help you have more lucid dreams.

2. Increasing The Length Of Time You Spend In A Lucid Dream

This is a goal we all have no matter how often we lucid dream.

Usually, our first lucid dream ends pretty fast because we get crazy excited and wake ourselves up.

But, consistently increasing the length of time you have in a lucid dream can help you do so many beneficial things that take longer than just a few seconds.

It’s not easy to quantify it because you have no way of knowing exactly how long you have been in the dream, but as you practice staying lucid, you will know if you are able to get more done in the dream than you have before.

3. Dreaming Of Seeing Deceased Loved Ones At Least Once Per Month

This is a nice goal for lucid dreaming. Being able to see and connect with loved ones who have passed on can be therapeutic for many reasons.

Personally, I like seeing deceased pets as well as deceased family members. I find meeting up with pets from the past can bring me the same comfort and joy they brought me when they were alive.

4. Having Lucid Dreams Where Healing Techniques Take Place

Our minds are powerful, and there is research to back up those woo-woo methods that many of us enjoy, such as Reiki. I highly recommend reading Why Woo-Woo Works by David R. Hamilton to learn more about that.

When lucid dreaming, we can really focus on the spot we want to be healed and use fancy ways of doing it. We can bring light into us, use wands and magic, or anything else our minds can come up with.

For me, I get Reiki done on me. I enjoy Reiki in my waking life and believe in its healing abilities, so it’s natural for me to want to use Reiki for healing when I become lucid in my dreams.

5. Using Lucid Dreaming For Problem Solving When Needed

Sometimes we can’t clear our minds enough to problem solve in our waking life, but lucid dreaming brings about a whole other opportunity where we can focus and get down to figuring things out.

I recommend you come up with a detailed plan for problem-solving in lucid dreams.

Maybe you will want to sit in a recliner and face a large movie screen that offers ideas on how to overcome your problems.

Or maybe you will want to call in some wise people who can help you solve problems.

If you come up with a detailed plan, then you are more likely to call it into action when you become lucid in your dream.

6. Testing Out Hobbies You Are Interested In

We only have so much time in our waking life to test out hobbies, and that’s where lucid dreaming comes in. Why not test out new hobbies that you are interested in while lucid dreaming?

For instance, someone might be encouraging you to take up guitar, but will you like it? Try it out in a lucid dream. Pay attention to how you feel while playing it and decide whether it’s worth taking up in your waking life or not. Your intuition is going to help you make the right decision for you.

Do you have any goals for lucid dreaming? Please share in the comments below. 

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