10 Of The Best Ways To Influence Your Dreams

Have you ever wished that you could influence your dreams? Whether it’s to escape a terrifying nightmare or just explore the depths of your imagination, having control over what you dream can be incredibly powerful. But how do you influence your dreams? There are a few ways that you can have more influence over your dreams and the dreamscape that you experience each night.

10 Ways You Can Influence Your Dreams

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1. Find Triggers

Dreams are often triggered by our everyday experiences, so finding ways to influence those experiences can influence your dreams too.

For instance, if you want to dream of a particular family member, try looking at old photographs before bed or talking about them throughout the day.

Or, you can use the right kind of dream affirmations to help trigger the type of dreams you want.

2. Practice Lucid Dreaming

Lucid dreaming is a technique that involves realizing you are dreaming while you are still in the dream. Essentially you become conscious in your dream but you stay unconscious in your waking life.

Once you are able to recognize that you are dreaming, it is possible to influence how you act and react within the dream.

It’s possible to change the setting and travel to different places.

It’s possible to engage with people you want to engage with.

It’s possible to take on problems you are having in your waking life and find creative solutions for them.

There are so many different things you can influence when you become lucid in a dream that this is definitely one technique that you want to practice.

3. Dream Journaling

Dream journaling is a great way to remember your dreams and influence them in the future. By writing down key details of the dream, it can be easier to influence what happens in the next one.

If you go over your dream journal each night and focus reading about dreams that left you curious and wanting to know more, there’s a good chance that you will have that same kind of dream again and be able to explore it further.

4. Eat Certain Foods Before Bed

Certain foods contain properties that influence our dreams. For instance, eating cheese before bed has been linked with nightmares while eating bananas can help reduce stress levels and encourage more peaceful dreaming.

5. Storytelling

Telling stories before going to sleep can also influence our dreams by providing narrative structure for when we enter a dream state. This can influence how our subconscious minds process information and even influence plotlines within our dreams. We’ve all experienced this when watching movies before bed. Sometimes parts of those movies influence our dreams.

To tell a story that you actually want to dream about, you will have to be the writer and reader of the story.

Go into as much detail as you can about the story. For instance, if you want to dream about going on a trip to Italy, you might have an outline like:

I have always dreamed of going to Italy. The warm sun, the delicious cuisine, and the vibrant culture all made it seem like a place I had to experience for myself. So when I got the chance to take a vacation there, I jumped at it.

The first thing that struck me was how beautiful everything was. Every street seemed to be lined with picturesque buildings, and the food was absolutely delicious. I quickly fell in love with the country and its people.

I spent my days exploring different parts of Italy, from the bustling streets of Rome to the tranquil hill towns of Tuscany. Everywhere I went I found something new and exciting to experience – whether it was learning how to make fresh pasta in Florence or soaking up the sun on a beach in Sicily.

I also had the chance to explore Italy’s rich history by visiting some of its most iconic landmarks, including the Colosseum in Rome and the Leaning Tower of Pisa. Each time I learned more about the country’s past, I felt more connected to the place.

That may be a little bit technical, but it would work for me. I would also be detailed about things like eating in a restaurant and engaging with the Italian waiter. The more real and detailed the story is, the more likely you are to dream about it.

6. Meditation

Meditating during the day can help influence our dreaming. This is because meditation helps to relax the mind and reduce stress levels, which can influence out state of mind before bed and the type of dreams we have.

When we are stressed out, we tend to have dreams where stress is involved.

When we are relaxed and feel good, we tend to have more positive, encouraging dreams.

7. Music

Playing soft music before bed can also influence our dreams by providing a soundscape for our subconscious minds to explore. Certain genres of music, like classical or ambient, can influence the type of dreaming that happens too!

What kind of music would give you the type of dreams you want?

8. Exercise

Exercising during the day has been linked with more vivid dreams at night. This is likely due to the increased circulation and relaxation that occurs when exercising, which can influence the dream state in a positive manner.

9. Hypnosis

Finally, hypnosis can influence our dreams in a number of ways, from reducing nightmares to increasing lucid dreaming. Hypnosis works by influencing the subconscious mind and can be used to influence how we dream.

All you need to do is listen to a hypnosis session before bed and let the messages soak into your subconscious mind and there’s a good chance your dreams will be influenced by those messages as well.

Pick a free hypnosis here to try it out or check out this huge list of hypnosis MP3s that you can listen to before bed.

10. Create A Relaxing Bedtime Routine

Finally, find some time to have a good bedtime routine where you can relax and unwind. Clear your mind from the day’s worries or struggles. Focus on positive thoughts and create a peaceful and calming environment. Dim the lights, turn off any screens like TVs or phones, and try a relaxing activity such as reading or yoga. Taking a warm bath or shower can also help you reach a point of calm and relaxation.

The more relaxed and at peace you are when you go to bed, the less likely you will be to have bad dreams.

You Have The Power To Influence Your Dreams

Dreams give us opportunities to experience things we may not experience in our waking life. This is why it’s important to take as much control over them as we can.

We have the power to influence our dreams because of our amazing ability to control and understand our thoughts, even when we are asleep. Moreover, we have the power to clear our minds and focus on positive thoughts that will influence our dreams in a positive way.

By using the above techniques, you have the power to influence your dreams.

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