Why You Should Always Have A Lucid Dream Plan

A lucid dream plan is simply a plan you create on what you want to do when you become lucid while dreaming. I have had lucid dreams with and without a plan, and I can tell you that having a lucid dream plan is essential to staying lucid and getting things done.

Getting Lucid With No Plan

When you become lucid, but don’t have a plan as to what to do, you have a greater chance of losing that lucidity quickly. You might get sucked back into the theme of the dream you were having or you may just spend your time trying to stay lucid once you realize that you are.

One time, I became lucid while I was having a reoccurring dream. For years, I had tried to become lucid during this dream as I do something in it that I don’t do in real life – slide down the stairs like I’m skiing down them.

In the dream, I’m in a hospital I used to work at sliding down the stairs with my feet in a certain position that makes sliding possible. This is always how my recurring dream starts. I’m heading to my manager’s office to find out about my hours and how come I haven’t been paid in so long.

For the first time ever, I became lucid while sliding down the stairs. I had no plan around what to do, though. I was on about the fourth floor, and I got so excited that I jumped over the rail and floated down to the bottom of the stairwell knowing it was a dream. Then I spent my time trying to stay lucid by hopping and floating and flying all the way to my manager’s office.

Once I got to her office, I got caught up in the dream of asking her about my hours and my pay and the usual negative banter that goes back and forth in this dream. I instantly went from lucidity back to dream.

There have been times that I’ve become lucid and explored my environment with full lucidity for a short time. But, for the most part, realizing I’m lucid with no plan does not lead to a decent lucid dream, and definitely never a long lucid dream.

Getting Lucid With A Plan

Alternatively, having a plan helps you disengage from the dream and get busy doing lucid things, such as exploring, talking to people, kissing someone, flying, healing yourself, or whatever it is you want to do.

As soon as you become lucid, you don’t wonder what to do, you KNOW what to do, and you stop the flow of the dream and take control in your own direction.

An Example Of A Lucid Dream Plan

Let’s say you need guidance in your career, so you want to talk to a spirit guide in your dream. Creating your plan is as simple as writing down what you want to do when you realize you are dreaming and then writing out the words you will say in order to start the process.¬†For instance, you might call out, “Spirit Guide” as soon as you become lucid.

Lucid Dream Plan

You could also decide to actively look for your spirit guide or even enter into a room where your spirit guide will be waiting. But, often calling out will provide the quickest results.

How To Increase Your Chances Of Having A Longer Lucid Dream With Your Lucid Dream Plan

I was once having a lot of problems with my chest and I wanted to be healed during a lucid dream. My plan was to shout out ‘HEAL ME!’ as soon as I realized I was dreaming. When it happened, the impact was instantaneous. I yelled out HEAL ME and I felt a warm and intense light enter into my lucid dreaming self and was literally knocked backward. Nothing else in the dream happened because my plan was simply to have myself healed, which is exactly what was represented in my dream.

Therefore, if you want to talk to someone or explore something, plan to spend some time doing so. You can include it in your written lucid dreaming plan.

For instance, “When I realized I’m dreaming, I will take my time exploring a place I’ve never been to before.”

Or you could write, “When I realize I”m dreaming, I will take my time as I practice controlling the people and places in my dream.”

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