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Want to know the meaning of your dream? Here are some dream interpretations that explain various dreams and what they means. If you want an easier to read list, check out our Dream Dictionary.

Dream Interpretations

6 Common Reasons For Dreaming About Alternative Realities

Are you dreaming about alternative realities? Or maybe just one alternative reality over and over again? Don’t worry, dreaming about an alternate reality doesn’t mean you are going to accidently slip into one any time soon. Let’s talk about the real reasons you are dreaming about alternative realities. 6 Big …
Dream Interpretations

Dreaming About A Number Between 1 and 100? Here’s What It Means

Dreaming about numbers can be a fascinating experience. Whether it’s a single digit or a complex sequence, the world of numerology can provide some intriguing insights in your dreams. The number you see in your dream could carry significant implications about your life’s journey, personal growth, or spiritual development. What …
Dream Interpretations

21 Reasons Why You Dream About Someone You Don’t Know

Are you dreaming about someone you don’t know? Why do people we’ve never met suddenly become characters, friends, coworkers, lovers, or family in our dreams? There are so many reasons for this that you may not totally be able to figure out exactly why a random person showed up in …
Dream Interpretations

What Dreams About Your Teeth Are Really Trying To Tell You

Dreaming about your teeth in any way, shape, or form generally signifies something about your health and well-being. It could also be an indication of your preoccupation with your appearance or with maintaining your health. In some cases, dreaming about teeth may also represent something that you need to bite …