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Want to know the meaning of your dream? Here are some dream interpretations that explain various dreams and what they means. If you want an easier to read list, check out our Dream Dictionary.

Dream Interpretations

10 Common Reasons You Would Dream About Flying

Flying dreams are one of the most popular dream themes. The dreamer experiences a sense of freedom and power as they soar through the sky. They often move quickly and with control, feeling like they can go anywhere they want. Flying dreams can be exhilarating and empowering. There are many …
Dream Interpretations

10 Reasons You Dreamt About Winning The Lottery

Winning the lottery is literally a dream for many people. But when you have an actual dream about it, it can symbolize something going on in your life. Winning the lottery in real life would mean that you never have to worry about money again. It would also mean that …
Dream Interpretations

What Are Literal Dreams and Why Do Some People Have Them?

You’ve probably heard of dream symbols before. You know, the idea that a specific image in your dream could represent something else entirely. For example, a white picket fence might symbolize domestic bliss or, depending on what’s going on, feeling trapped. But what about when you dream of things that …
Dream Interpretations

What Your Dream About Poop Could Be Telling You

It’s not the most pleasant thing to talk about, but it’s not uncommon to have dreams about poop. In fact, some people might dream about it quite often because it is a dream symbol that resonates with them! Dreams about poop can be interpreted in many ways, but this article …