8 Common Dreams About Friends And What They Mean

Dreams about friends can range from comforting and reassuring to confusing and sometimes alarming. Understanding why these dreams occur can offer insight into our emotions, relationships, and desires. Here, we explore eight reasons you might dream about a friend in various scenarios, complete with psychological interpretations and practical advice.

8 Common Dreams About Friends And What They Mean

1. Losing Contact

Have you had a dream where you  no longer talk to your friend? Of maybe you can never get a hold of them and you can feel yourself drifting further and further apart?

Interpretation: Dreams about losing contact with a friend may highlight a deep-seated fear of abandonment or a significant change affecting your life. It could reflect anxieties about losing touch with those who matter most to you.

Advice: Strengthen the roots of your friendship through regular communication. Share how much you value your friend’s presence in your life, creating a space where fears of loss can be openly discussed.

2. Ignoring Each Other

Are you having dreams where you friend is ignoring you? Maybe they are not answering your texts or even the door when you go over to their house? Or are you ignoring your friend in your dreams? Trying to avoid them or pretend like they are not there?

Interpretation: If you dream of mutual ignoring, it may suggest feelings of invisibility or neglect in your waking life, potentially pointing to a need for more acknowledgment or validation. If you dream of them ignoring you,  it could indicate feelings of insecurity or fear that your friend may not value your friendship as much as you do. And if you dream about ignoring them, it could mean you are feeling a disconnect with your friend.

Advice: Initiate a conversation about your feelings and ask if anything is bothering your friend too. Promoting open dialogue can address feelings of neglect or misunderstanding.

3. Conflict

Fighting with a friend or having some sort of conflict is very common. It might be a minor conflict or you might break out into a fight in the dream.

Interpretation: Dreaming about a conflict with a friend indicates underlying tension or unresolved issues. It might also symbolize your internal conflicts being projected onto your friend.

Advice: Approach your friend to talk through any unresolved issues. Effective conflict resolution and active listening can help both parties understand each other’s perspectives and strengthen the friendship.

4. Reuniting

Dreaming about reuniting with your friend? Regardless of how much or little you see your friend, it’s very common to dream about getting back in touch with them or seeing each other after a long time apart.

Interpretation: This scenario often reflects a longing for reconciliation or closeness that may have waned. Even if you see each other every day, it signifies the importance of the friendship and a desire to reconnect on a deeper level.

Advice: Reach out to your friend with the intent of rekindling your bond. Sharing old memories and creating new ones can revive the connection you once had.

5. Adventuring Together

Are you dreaming about going on a trip with your friend? Or maybe you are dreaming about doing something fun and exciting, such as exploring a deep jungle or jumping out of a plane together.

Interpretation: Such dreams might signify your appreciation for the fun and freedom you experience with your friend. It can also represent a desire to escape from your daily routine or challenges.

Advice: Plan an adventure or a new experience together. It’s a direct way to bring the essence of the dream into your waking life, fostering joy and companionship.

6. Being Saved by a Friend

Has a friend saved you in a dream? Maybe they save you from physically being hurt by someone else. Or maybe they save you from feeling down and depressed about life.

Interpretation: This scenario suggests that you view your friend as a source of support and security. It may also indicate a subconscious acknowledgment of a friend’s role as a protector in your life.

Advice: Express gratitude towards your friend for their support. Recognizing each other’s roles in times of need can deepen your relationship.

7. Saving a Friend

How about flipping the script? Are you dreaming about saving a friend from something bad, or just from a sad situation?

Interpretation: Dreaming of saving a friend can reflect your protective feelings towards them. It could also indicate a perceived need to be more involved or helpful in their life.

Advice: Check in on your friend’s well-being and offer your support. Solidifying your role as a dependable ally can affirm your bond.

8. Discovering a Secret

Finding out your friend is cheating with your partner is very common. Other common dreams include finding out your friend has been lying to you or talking about you behind your back.

Interpretation: If you dream about discovering a secret about your friend, it might indicate curiosity or concerns about their life. It may also signify trust issues or a desire for more transparency.

Advice: Foster a trusting environment where secrets can be shared without judgment. Transparency builds trust, so encourage open and honest communication.

Common Symbols That Represent Friends

It may be that you are dreaming about your friend, but instead of your friend, symbols are appearing in your dream. Following are some common symbols in dreams that represent friends.

  • Heart: A symbol of affection and love, reflecting the deep bond between friends.
  • Crossed Fingers: This can represent a promise or wish for good luck, often seen as a gesture among close friends.
  • Bracelet: A symbol of friendship and connection, bracelets are often exchanged as gifts between friends.
  • Flowers: Depending on the type of flower, this can symbolize different aspects of friendship such as loyalty, appreciation, or forgiveness.
  • Hands Holding: This symbolizes support and solidarity between friends. It can also represent a promise to always be there for each other.
  • Sunflower: A symbol of warmth and happiness, sunflowers are often associated with friendships that bring joy into our lives.
  • Infinity: This symbol represents the enduring nature of true friendship, with no beginning or end.
  • Tree: Just like trees grow and evolve over time, friendships also change and deepen as we go through life’s journey together.
  • Rainbow: A rainbow signifies hope and the beauty of diversity. It can represent a strong bond between friends from different backgrounds and experiences.
  • Bird: Birds are often seen as symbols of freedom and adventure. Friends who share a love for exploration and trying new things may resonate with this symbol.
  • Puzzle Pieces: This symbolizes the unique connection between friends, where each piece complements the other to form a beautiful bond.

Should You Tell Your Friend Your Dream?

A few days ago, a friend called me in a panic telling me that in her dream I didn’t want to be her friend anymore. Of course, being a dream interpreter, I took this as feeling insecurity in her life, but she felt like I really didn’t want to be friends with her.

This made me wonder, should we tell our friends about the dreams we have about them?

On one hand, sharing dreams about friends can open up honest and vulnerable communication between individuals. It can deepen the bond and understanding between friends, as they gain insight into each other’s inner thoughts and emotions. This can also create a sense of trust and support within the friendship, as both parties feel comfortable enough to share their deepest thoughts.

On the other hand, dreams are often a reflection of our own subconscious and may not accurately represent the thoughts or feelings of others. Sharing dreams about friends could potentially cause unnecessary worry or strain on the friendship, especially if the interpretation is negative or misinterpreted. Also, not everyone wants to hear about your dreams.

In the end, it ultimately depends on the dynamics of your friendship and how open you both are to discussing dreams. If it feels natural and comfortable to share, then go ahead and do so. However, if you have any doubts or concerns about how your friend may react, it’s best to keep the dream to yourself.

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