Gary’s Dream That Reflects His Fear Of Falling Apart

During the holidays, a man in my life told me a very telling dream. He is going through many physical health ailments right now and he is struggling mentally because of it. It’s obvious he is scared and worried about what the outcome will be, even though he doesn’t share his fears that often. But, he was willing to share a dream he had, which he thought was just a nightmare and nothing else. I, on the other hand, was given a glimpse into the fear he is feeling.

An Imaginative But Telling Dream About Falling Apart

falling apart dream

In the dream, a man calls out to him and tells him to come with him. So, he walks with this guy (who he doesn’t pay much attention to) and suddenly sees a bunch of clear caskets on the ground and he’s in one of them! This doesn’t scare him too much. Without a lot of fear, he thinks that he must have died and that he’s a ghost.

As he walks on, he hears the guy he’s with calling him from behind, and as he turns around, he sees that the man is literally falling apart in front of him. The guy’s skin is peeling off and he’s losing limbs.

THAT was terrifying to him, and he screamed out in both his dream and reality to the point that his wife had to wake him up.

My Interpretation Of The Dream

It’s not that death scares him so much, it’s the idea of falling apart slowly. He can clearly see that he’s going to die someday (hence the clear caskets and him in one), but the idea of falling apart is what terrifies him.

In real life, he’s losing his ability to walk and do things around the house. He can’t even do the housework anymore.

He has cancer on his face, and it’s been there for months because doctors are entirely useless and have messed up many times while trying to get it off.

His stomach hurts and he’s having lots of bowel problems.

He’s got blood in his urine.

And he is tired all the time.

There is more, but that’s enough, don’t you think?

All these things make him feel like he’s falling apart.

Did I Tell Him My Interpretation?

No. I didn’t think it would help him to know that he’s scared of falling apart because he already knows it on some level.

Telling him that he was falling apart when it was scaring him wasn’t going to help him feel better.

Instead, I encouraged him.

I talked about how soon he would have the cancer off his face.

I talked about how various things could likely help him feel better. This installed hope that he hadn’t exhausted all his options and there were things out there that he could try and do to feel better.

And I talked about how strong he is mentally and physically and reminded him of all the times he’s overcome physical and mental issues in the past.

It was obvious he felt better at the end of our time together and hopefully he will have better dreams going forward.

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