Can A Woman Have An Orgasm During A Stressful Dream?

We know that men can have wet dreams, but what about women? Can you really experience the pleasure of an orgasm while sleeping? Yes. Even women who are unable to orgasm with a partner or by themselves while awake can have an orgasm while sleeping. Usually, this happens during REM sleep, as blood flow to the erectile tissue is occurring. And, while it can happen during an erotic dream, it doesn’t always have to be a sexy dream that causes the orgasm.

It Happens To More Women Than You Think

Some research has found that around 37 percent of women have experienced an orgasm in their sleep before the age of 45. But there’s not a lot of research in this area. We need to rely more on personal stories when it comes to finding out more about orgasms during sleep.

If you are not having an orgasm while you sleep, don’t worry, there’s nothing wrong with you. It seems to be something that happens to some women and not to others. While the research is not there yet to explain this, it is likely that the dreamer’s dreams are just not arousing enough to cause an orgasm.

Why Would It Be Easier For Women To Have Orgasms During Sleep?

Some women find it easier to have an orgasm in their sleep. In fact, some women report only have orgasms in their sleep. There are a few different thoughts on why it would be easier to have an orgasm during sleep.

For instance, experts think that because common things like worry, anxiety, and fear (all of which can inhibit orgasms in waking life) are removed from the equation, the body is much more likely to just do its thing without the mind interrupting it.

Moreover, being in a deep state of relaxation helps as well. You are not overthinking things or stressed in any way, and this gives your mind and body the chance to work together in harmony to reach arousal.

Not Every Woman Knows If They Are Having An Orgasm Or Not

If you read through stories, some women are not sure what is happening when they experience a sleep orgasm. This could be because they don’t experience orgasms in their waking life and are not sure what an orgasm feels like, or it could be because they simply wake up at the end of it and only feel the last few waves of their orgasm.

In other words, you may be having orgasms while you sleep and not know it.

Stressful Situations Where There’s A Time Limit Can Cause Orgasms

Sometimes a tense or stressful situation in your dream where you need to get something done right away can cause you to tighten up down there and induce an orgasm. The dream doesn’t even have to be a pleasant one. It could be about something that is ticking you off or causing you concern.

June’s Orgasm Ordering Starbucks

My orgasms during sleep do not come from sexy dreams in any shape or form. They come from tense dreams, where I’m trying to get something done, but can’t.

This happens in my waking life too. When I am being counted down to do something in my waking life, such as finish a report at a certain time, I get tense down there and often have an orgasm, so it’s no wonder it can transfer to my dreams.

The last time this happened, the dream started off simple enough. I was in line to get coffee at Starbucks. But I wasn’t sure exactly what I needed to order because I usually order off the app. When I got called up to the till the woman behind the counter told me to hurry up because she was in a rush. I pulled out my phone and desperately tried to find the Starbucks app so I could just order from my previous pick-up orders. But I couldn’t find the app. I kept scrolling back and forth between my screens and telling the woman that she was pressuring me to go too fast and it was causing me to go slower. I got more and more upset and tenser and tenser, and then suddenly I woke up and was having an orgasm.

What Should You Do If You Have An Orgasm While Sleeping?

Enjoy it! Appreciate that your body is working and that it can bring you pleasure, even while you are sleeping.

On the other hand, if you find you are having too many orgasms during your sleep and it’s starting to affect your sleep in some way, talk to a professional and see if they have some advice for you.

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