Is A Deceased Loved One Visiting You In Your Dream?

We all want our deceased loved ones to come to visit us. We want messages. We want more closure. We want to talk to them again. And, many of us try to get them to visit us in our dreams. Sometimes it happens! But, how can you tell if that dream about someone who has passed on is just a dream or an actual visitation with that person?

There are a few things to consider.

1. Do You Feel Good Or Bad In The Dream?

A visit with a loved one will feel good. Often people describe feeling a sense of love that they don’t feel in our physical existence. It’s a sense of pure and potent love.

So if you have a dream with a loved one where you feel really good, it’s likely a real visit from their spirit.

But, if you have a dream where you feel fear or anger or any other kind of negative or unwanted emotion, then it’s likely just a dream that represents your fears or thoughts or worries.

For instance, if you dream about seeing your deceased loved one dying again or ignoring you or crying, then the dream is a reflection of your thoughts or memories and is just a dream.

A deceased loved one will leave you feeling good in the dream and when you wake up.

2. Can You Touch Them?

Psychic mediums often say that in dreams we can touch our loved one’s spirit if they come. We can hug them and feel them if they are actually visiting us.

Many people report getting kissed by their loved one’s spirit in dreams.

If we can’t touch them, or they are always out of reach, then it’s likely just a dream.

3. Are Their Messages Positive Or Negative?

A deceased loved one is a spirit, and if they are coming to visit you in a dream, they are not going to put you down or yell at you or make you feel bad for asking them a question. They are going to love you. They are going to make you feel good. They may even give you some closure that you need or tell you something that you need to hear from them.

If their message is that you are stupid, wasting your life, or something else, then that’s just a dream. That’s stemming from your subconscious and your fears of what they may think about you, or, perhaps, how you feel about yourself.

A deceased loved one is never going to visit you to make you feel bad or unworthy in some way.

4. Are You Lucid Or Not?

When a deceased loved one comes to visit you, it’s not like a normal dream where you jump from one place to another or random images or people pop up out of nowhere.

A real visit feels real. You are lucid and recognize that your loved one has come to visit you in a dream. You can move towards them and think clearly. You see them clearly and the dream takesĀ on a very lucid and real tone.

If the dream is chaotic and you have no control over anything happening, then it’s likely just a dream. If your loved one is morphing in and out, and so is your attention to them, then it’s likely just a dream.

5. Do They Look Good Or Bad?

If you are dreaming about a deceased loved one being sick and in pain, then it’s a dream.

There is no physical body in the spirit realm and there is no way to be in pain or sick there.

A real visit from a loved one in a dream features them healthy and whole. They feel good. They are in a positive, loving mood. And they look good in general.

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