Want To Have A Sexual Dream? Here Are Some Tips To Help

Having a sexual dream is a common experience for many people and it can be quite pleasurable. Often they just happen, but you can also help yourself have a sexual dream if you want one. There are many reasons to want to have a sexual dream, and none of them are wrong. Many people want to see what it would be like to have a sexual experience with someone that they can’t have a sexual relationship with, while others just want to feel the pleasure that comes from a positive sexual experience. Whatever your reason, you can increase your chances of having a sexual dream with the following tips.

Set Your Intention To Have A Sexual Dream Before You Go To Sleep

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One of the best ways to have a sexual dream is by setting your intention before you fall asleep. Think about what kind of dream you’d like to have and visualize it in your mind. This will help to focus your energy on the goal of having a sexual dream.

We tend to dream about what we focus on before bed, so if you focus on your intention of having a sexual dream, you may be more likely to have one.

You may want to write down your intention to have a sexual dream. Include any pictures or words that help highlight the kind of dream you want to have.

If you don’t want to have evidence of your intention in written format, then imagine yourself writing down the type of dream. This can be very effective and setting an intention in your subconscious mind and bringing the intention to fruition.

Engage In Libido Boosting Activities Before Bed

Another way to increase the chances of having a sexual dream is to engage in activities that can boost your libido before bedtime. Exercise, meditate on the sexual experience you want to have in your dreams, or pleasure yourself before you go to sleep —all of these activities can help to increase your sexual energy.

Perhaps the best thing you can do is visualize the experience in your mind. Visualization can really boost your libido and help to focus your energy on the experience you want to have and make it more likely that you will have the sexual dream.

Relax, Relax, Relax

If you’re too tense or anxious when you go to bed, it can be difficult to have a sexual dream. Make sure that you give yourself time to relax and wind down before bedtime.

Take a warm bath, read a book, or listen to some calming music. This will help your body and mind relax and make it more likely that you’ll have a sexual dream.

Document What Works And What Doesn’t For You

You may want to keep track of any progress that you make and document what works or doesn’t work for you as it can help further your progress when you next attempt to have a sexual dream.

Doing this can help increase the chances of having a pleasurable and enjoyable experience in your dreams. It’s also a great way to influence your dreams in the direction you want them to go.

Create A Safe Space

Make sure that the environment you sleep in is comfortable and safe for having a sexual dream. Remove any distractions such as bright lights or loud noises, and choose a bedding that is soft and comfortable.

Moreover, don’t have anyone or anything in your bedroom that would inhibit your desire to have a sexual dream. This will minimize the desire and intention to have a sexual dream and make it very unlikely to happen.

What To Do If Your Sexual Dream Isn’t Pleasant

Sometimes you can have a sexual dream, but it won’t be pleasant. There may be some sort of fear involved or feelings of being uncomfortable, which often occurs when you are in a state of fear or instability.

If you have a sexual dream, but it isn’t pleasant, don’t give up on having a pleasant sexual dream. Instead, work through the issues that are causing your dream to be unpleasant before you try again.

For instance, if you are feeling stressed at work, and your boss ends up in your dream and makes your sexual dream stressful, then work through your feelings of stress and anxiety at work before you try again.

If you are feeling a fear of intimacy, and this comes through in your sexual dream, then try talking through it with someone else or doing some journaling to work through the issue. This can help to release any anxious energy that is causing the dream to be unpleasant.

By working through any issues that are causing your sexual dream to be unpleasant, you can increase your chances of having a pleasant sexual dream.

Using Affirmations To Have Better Sexual Dreams

Affirmations are statements that you repeat to yourself to help your subconscious absorb them and believe them. In other words, affirmations are statements that can change the way you experience life, including your dreams.

By affirming to yourself that you want to have a sexual dream, your subconscious mind is more likely to give you the dream that you want.

By affirming to yourself the reasons for desiring a sexual dream, you are more likely to convince your subconscious mind that you deserve to have the type of dream that you want. In fact, you can convince your subconscious mind that you need to have a sexual dream.

Affirmations that can help you have better sexual dreams include:

-I am open and receptive to having a sexual dream tonight.

-I deserve to have pleasurable sexual dreams that make me feel good.

-I am confident in my ability to experience a satisfying sexual dream.

-My body is safe and happy to explore sex in my dreams.

-I find a lot of value in pleasurable sexual dreams.

Do Not Feel Guilty About Wanting To Have Sexual Dreams!

One thing that will hold you back from having sexual dreams is guilt. When you feel guilty about exploring your sexual fantasies and desires through dreams, the chances of you having them are very slim.

How can you get rid of the guilt? Remember that fantasies and desires have no moral value. They are just a part of being human, and it is perfectly normal to experience them.

Having sexual experiences is a part of being human, and if you are not having the sexual experiences you want in your waking life, having them in dreams is a great way to experience them and either learn lessons from them or enjoy the feeling of having them.

So, don’t feel guilty about wanting to have sexual dreams. Instead, embrace the opportunity for exploring your sexuality and fantasies in a safe environment and you may be pleasantly surprised by the results.

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