Can You Die In Real Life If You Die (Or Almost Die) In A Dream?

Can we really die in our dreams or is this just an old wives’ tale? It turns out that there are some very real consequences when we experience trauma in our dreams – both physical and psychological. In this article, we’ll explore the science behind why people may feel like they’re dying while dreaming, as well as how to cope with these intense feelings. So if you’ve been wondering whether or not it’s possible to die in your sleep through nightmares – read on!

Death In A Dream Doesn’t Translate To Real Life

First and foremost, it’s important to understand that death in dreams is not literal. In reality, it’s impossible for us to die from dreaming alone – our bodies are simply too robust for any dream-induced demise.

That being said, the physical sensation of dying during a nightmare can be quite real and harrowing. This phenomenon, known as a nightmare disorder or dream-anxiety attack, is most commonly characterized by extreme terror and an overwhelming sense of impending doom.

People who experience these episodes may find themselves gasping for breath, shaking uncontrollably, or even experiencing physical pain as they try to escape their dreams.

Though the sensation of dying in a nightmare is intense and frightening, it is not dangerous in itself.

Where Do Death Dreams Come From?

The key to overcoming these recurring nightmares lies in understanding and managing their underlying causes.

Primarily, dream-anxiety attacks are caused by unresolved stress or traumas. If a person has been through a traumatic event (such as a death, breakup, accident, negative diagnosis, or natural disaster) they may find themselves experiencing a sense of finality in their dreams in the form of death.

In other cases, the cause of dream-anxiety attacks may be more deeply rooted – stemming from an unresolved emotional conflict or long-term psychological issue.

Can You Die In A Dream?

So can you die in a dream?


Whether you are trying to kill yourself or someone or something is trying to kill you, real death is not going to be the result. Usually, your subconscious is just trying to work through something and if you pay attention to the details of the dream, you will either experience a lesson or gain an insight during the dream or when you wake up.

For instance, Joanne had a dream about wanting to become a ghost. In the dream, her husband was a ghost and she wanted to join him so they drove off a cliff together. She could feel herself falling with the car. She felt the panic of death coming. And then, she hit the ground in the car and hurt her knee a little. That was it. She got out of the car and went on to take in the beauty of her surroundings. When she woke up, she interpreted the dream as a feeling of wanting to be closer to her husband as their life was changing and their relationship was being strained, but in the end, it was all going to be alright as long as they stuck it out together. No death. She woke up after trying to kill herself in a dream.

Mark actually died in his dream. He was shot by his mother and he felt himself dying and slipping away. When he woke up, the feeling was overwhelming and it took a while to believe that he was still alive. After a while, he realized his dream represented his death represented his feeling of being constantly attacked by his mother, and his denial to stand up for himself anymore.

To Stop Dreaming About Death, Find The Root Cause Of Your Death Dreams

While it isn’t physically possible to expire from a nightmare, these intense episodes can have very real consequences for those who suffer from them. To cope with the fear and anxiety associated with dying in a dream, it is important to understand its underlying causes.

Some waking life events that cause you to dream about death include:

  • Unresolved trauma.
  • Emotional conflict.
  • Long-term psychological issues
  • Major life changes.
  • Extreme stress or anxiety.
  • Depression.

No matter what, remember that you are in control of your dreams and have the power to take control over any thoughts or images that may be troubling.

Taking ownership of these night-time visions can help to transform them into something positive – a reminder of resilience and strength rather than an impending sense of doom. With time, patience, and understanding, you can conquer your nightmares – and take back control over the dream world.

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